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Omahu Bush Weedbusting

Friday 21 July 2017, 12:00am

Omahu Bush is situated at the southern end of Christchurch's Port Hills, comprising around 180 hectares of remnant and regenerating native forest, native tussock and the iconic prominent volcanic landmark of Gibraltar Rock. Although not as modified as Ohinetahi Reserve, weeds are still a problem, particularly gorse, broom and some Darwin's barberry. The Omahu Bush group of the Summit Road Society would welcome assistance to deal with these plant pests on the third Friday of each month. Equipment needed is gloves, secateurs, loppers, saw and grubber/spade. We can provide some tools if needed. Bring morning tea and lunch. Car pooling from Christchurch can be arranged.

Contact Paul Tebbutt, email or phone 384 3086.


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