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Woody Weed comes to Te Aroha
May 21, 2004
Author: Department of Conservation

An unusual visitor by the name of Woody Weed was seen wandering around the Te Aroha domain last week as part of a Weedbusters event.

The event was organised by the Department of Conservation (DOC) and Environment Waikato with its main aim to raise awareness within the community of the issues of weeds and what we can do to tackle them.

“We encouraged anyone with an interest in conservation to come along. It provided people with a chance to learn about how weeds threaten our native ecosystems and gave people an opportunity to do something hands on to protect Te Aroha’s special environment” said DOC spokesperson Michelle Elborn.

“Prior to the Weedbusters day we had a great morning with Te Aroha Primary School students who created some wonderful weeds awareness posters” said Michelle.

Although the number of people in attendance at the Weedbsuters event was a little disappointing, those who took part were enthusiastic and dedicated to their task. A significant amount of weeding was achieved and a good day had by all.

Te Aroha is a beautiful area and prides itself on its history. It is hoped that events like this will help to educate the community on the need for protection against invasive weeds such as wandering willie, wild ginger, Japanese honeysuckle and privet .

If you would like more information on how to manage weeds on your property or in your area please contact your Regional Council.