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Gorse control workshop
Oct 27, 2004
Author: Department of Conservation

On October 11 a gorse control workshop was held at Te Kopinga Marae with an overwhelming attendance of over 40 Chatham Islanders.
The Chatham Island Conservation Board initiated the hui after recognising the widespread problem that gorse poses to the Chathams. The purpose of the hui was to share knowledge about gorse biology, potential control methods and discuss and develop an effective long term management strategy for the Chathams. Several agencies from the mainland gave presentations on various control methods including biological control, mechanical and chemical control and aerial control. Local organisations gave presentations, including the Chatham Islandís Council, Chatham Islandís Forestry Company, Federated Farmers and the Department of Conservation. Local landowners also had the opportunity to speak of their own experiences.
Thank you to Peter Johnson (Conservation Board member) who facilitated the hui, the organisations on the Chathams that kindly contributed to funding the hui and the agencies that came from the mainland at their own cost. A summary of proceedings for the day is being written and copies will become available at the DOC office for anyone interested.