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Poem from Brookfield School Room 11
Learning about weeds
Learning about weeds!
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Getting into Weedbusting


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Brookfield Primary School leads the way in Weedbusting
Oct 18, 2004

With a little nurturing from Environment Bay of Plenty staff, Brookfield Primary School is rocketing ahead with Weedbusting.

Due to the enthusiasm of teachers and in particular, parent helper Christine Larson the school is enhancing its bush area; which includes clearing out weeds like tradescantia.

Wendy Baker, Environment Bay of Plenty Weedbusters Coordinator, says that Brookfield is the first school that has used Environment Bay of Plenty’s Weedbusters Education Resource Kit.

“I am amazed at the high level of knowledge gained by these astute young children. This is one very proactive, little school.”

Brookfield School has 231 students (ages 5-12). All students viewed ‘The Wicked Weed’ video starring Woody Weed the Weedbusters mascot, and the following day they had a prep talk and then got into some hands-on weeding.

Some got so into it, that they were inspired to poetry. A couple of the favourites are:

You must look out for Woody Weed
Or he could spread his horrid seed.
He sends his seeds flying by
And makes all the native plants cry.
He crawls around on the ground
And this way he can’t be found.
So we need to stop the seed
For our native plants hate the weeds!

By Briar Kennedy, Age: 7 years

Woody Weedy is a pest.
So do not invite him like a guest.
Don’t give him lunch.
Give him a punch.
Pull him out by the roots
And don’t forget to wear gumboots.
He can be spread by a cat.
He can be spread by a bat.
He’s killing our native’s everyday.
He’s going bay to bay.
Weeds are planted in a line.
Weeds grow into a vine.
So come on weed busters, help me quit this rhyme.
Get out there and kill a weed vine.

By Hinewaitai Tuhakaraina, Age: 8 years

And the future is looking rosy for the bush near Brookfield School, with plans underway to establish a Brookfield School Community Care Group with support from Environment Bay of Plenty.