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Environmental educator Woody Weed and kiwi icon Buzzy Bee
Winning the Race for NZ Weedbusters


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Woody Weed: Winning the Race for NZ Weedbusters
Mar 12, 2005

National Weedbusters mascot Woody Weed may not have won New Zealand’s first national mascots race today at the Kiwiana Festival at Otorohanga.

But national Weedbusters coordinator Carolyn Lewis says the determination, dedication and champion effort displayed by the mascot reflects the never-give-up attitude reflected in the country’s Weedbuster programme, and the hundreds of volunteers involved in community efforts to beat weeds.

“Weedbusters is battling a serious threat posed by invasive weeds to New Zealand’s natural environment. Woody’s role is to raise awareness about the threat. He works tirelessly with non-stop commitments in both the North and South Islands, visiting community events, workshops and schools and teaching people about what they can do to stop the spread of weeds.”

Woody was one of a dozen mascots in today’s 100 metre dash at the Kiwiana Festival.

“Woody and Weedbusters are already winners in the race against weeds, with many victories already under their belts,” says Ms Lewis. “The message we are promoting is that, with everyone doing their bit, weeds can be beaten.”

Weedbusters is supported by the Department of Conservation, Biosecurity New Zealand, Federated Farmers, Biodiversity New Zealand, NZ Landcare Trust, Nursery and Garden Industry Association, NZ Biosecurity Institute, NZ Plant Protection Society, and all unitary and regional councils in New Zealand.