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Weed Control Handbook

This extremely useful guide will assist gardeners to identify and control common weeds.

From the small, unwanted invaders of flower-beds and lawns, to the irritating creeping vines and climbers, and the bigger shrubs and trees that may seem benign – Weedbusters New Zealand has collected information on 100 of the most invasive weedy plants in one single volume.

The Weed Control Handbook includes:

  • Colour photographs to identify the juvenile, flowering and mature plant
  • Common and botanical weed names
  • Control information including herbicide rates and treatment guidelines
  • Safe weed waste disposal methods
  • Replacement plant choices

Weeds grow where they are not wanted and, left unchecked, invasive weeds can threaten native ecosystems and pose a problem in natural areas. Spread by the wind, birds and water, seeds can travel long distances to take root wherever they fall. They can also create havoc in the backyard. This book provides all the information gardeners need to identify weedy species, control them and dispose of them safely.


To purchase your own copy of the Weedbusters Weed Control Handbook please send a cheque for $29.00 (per handbook, including postage within NZ) made out to Dept of Conservation. Send the cheque to:

Weedbusters, c/- DOC, Private Bag 3072, Hamilton 3240.

Be sure to include your postal address.