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Weedbusters is about working together to stop weedy plants taking over New Zealand's amazing natural areas - and you can help!

Weedy plants are one of the greatest threats to New Zealand’s parks, reserves, coasts, bush remnants, wetlands and alpine areas.  Many of these weeds are ornamental plants that have ‘jumped the fence’ from gardens and gone wild. 

It costs councils, government departments and private landowners millions of dollars, and volunteers and community groups thousands of unpaid hours, to control these weeds every year – but they can’t do it on their own. 

Check out what you can do to help stop the spread of these invasive plants - you can make a big difference!

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Stamp out snow poppy

Snow poppy is an attractive low-growing, evergreen perennial native to eastern China. It produces fleshy, 30–60 cm high stems topped with heart to kidneyshaped, leathery leaves. Stems secrete orange sap when crushed. Tall stems of pure white, four-petalled flowers with a central cluster of bright…    Read More