Working together to protect New Zealand

Get Involved

Get Involved

Weedy garden plants are escaping into natural areas, crowding out native species and destroying ecosystems. You can help stop this invasion.

What you can do

Bust weeds in your own backyard: find out what is weedy in your area, and replace any of these problem plants with non-weedy alternatives.

Weed-proof your neighbourhood: talk to your friends, family, neighbours and workmates about the weedbusting you are doing in your own backyards, and encourage them to do the same.

Get weedbusting in your community: join in efforts to bust weeds in your local reserves, parks, gullies and other natural areas. Any help you can give will make a big difference.

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Record that weed!

If you are a keen weed spotter, sign up to Nature Watch and help them collect more data on where the weeds are in New Zealand.