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Weed Information

Weed Information

Most of the weedy species invading natural areas are ornamental plants that have ‘jumped the garden fence’ and gone wild.

These plants were originally valued for their dramatic foliage, pretty flowers or colourful berries – but over time, their weedy habits have made them more trouble than they are worth.  Their rampant habits threaten the ecosystems of our natural areas – our coasts and dunes, tussocklands and alpine areas, parks and reserves, wetlands and bush areas.

Many of these ‘good plants gone bad’ are still being grown in gardens – it’s no accident that the weediest natural areas are those closest to urban settlements.

The information in this section is to help you identify weedy plant species and find out ways you can get rid of them. 

Take a good look at what’s growing in your garden and in local areas around you - and don’t be fooled by good looks.  Even pretty plants can be problem weeds!