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Controlling Weeds

By controlling weeds - managing, removing or containing them - you can protect nearby native plants, animals and ecosystems.

7 tips for control

  1. Find out what weeds you're dealing with first. Ask for expert help.
  2. Start small. Avoid creating large cleared areas which often allow new and different weeds to establish.
  3. Plan your control and work in stages. Tackle outlying weed patches first to slow the rate of weed spread before starting on the worst areas. Replace weeds with natives or non-weedy plants as you go.
  4. If your weeds need chemical control, contact Weedbusters Near You to find out the best herbicide to use and how to apply it. You may need permission or qualifications to use herbicide on public land.
  5. Destroy weeds before they fruit or seed to prevent a new generation of weeds growing inside your work area.
  6. When shifting dead weeds take care not to spread any seeds or fragments around that could grow again.
  7. Decide on the best disposal method to use before you start, particularly if working in a large area.

Ask for advice on the best method to use for weeds in your particular location before you start work. Contact Weedbusters Near You.

Replacing one problem with another?

Taking out weeds will often open up the area and offer ideal conditions for other weeds to grow. You've then replaced one problem with another. To stop this happening, it's good to be prepared with a restoration plan.

Some options are to:

  • Provide shelter to help existing native seedlings grow.
  • Mulch the area and plant rapid-growing natives (such as manuka, coprosmas, wineberry).
  • Plant non-invasive exotic plants that will be out-competed by natives in time. Check first whether this is appropriate for the environment.
  • Don't plant, but be prepared to revisit the site regularly to control weeds.
  • Use selective herbicides so non-weedy plants survive.

The best follow-up method depends on the environment you are working in, so make sure you ask for advice. Your local Department of Conservation office or Regional Council will be able to help.

Controlling different types of weeds

Useful links for control information

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