Working together to protect New Zealand

Weedbusters NZ

Weedbusters NZ

Weedbusters is a weeds awareness and education programme that aims to protect New Zealand's environment from the increasing weed problem. Pest animals and plants (weeds) are the greatest threat to New Zealand's biodiversity. People play a large part in spreading environmental weeds, often without knowing it, and Weedbusters aims to educate people and raise awareness to turn this problem around.

Weedbusters means action - taking part in weed issues are essential if we are to limit the spread and establishment of weeds.

Our Vision for Weedbusters

New Zealanders are aware of and taking action to reduce the impact of weeds on the environment, economy and human health.

Our Goals for Weedbusters

  1. Ensure that the New Zealand population is aware of the threat of weeds
  2. Increase the number of people participating in managing the weed problem
  3. Help all agencies involved in weeds work to share resources and provide clear and consistent messages
  4. Secure ongoing funding for the Weedbusters programme